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Boat Building

Canadian Canoe Museum

The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association, Ltd.
A non-profit membership association devoted to preserving, studying, building, restoring and using wood, wood-canvas, cedar strip and birchbark canoes, and to disseminating information about canoeing heritage in North America.

The Boat Building Community
  & "The shape of the canoe"

Minnesota Canoe Association

Messing About In Boats

Concrete Canoe Competition: Colleges compete in regional events with the winners advancing to a national competition. The schools design, build, and race canoes made out of concrete. &

The Great Cardboard Boat Regatta!

Designs, Plans, Kits

Bear Mountain Boats - strip canoe and kayak plans

Chesapeake Light Craft - stitch-n-glue kayak kits and plans

Guillemot Kayaks
- wooden sea kayak plans

Shearwater Boats, Eric Schade

Laughing Loon - woodstrip canoes & kayaks, finished boats & plans

Newfound Woodworks - Hybrid Kayak Kits

Pygmy Boats - stitch-n-glue kayak (and canoe) kits


(check out their information on boatbuilding)

System Three Epoxies

West System Epoxy Products

Canoe & Kayak Builders

Wood Song Canoes, works of art by Phillip Greene (See also If Money Were No Object, an article from Canoe & Kayak Magazine)
(And you'll need a Wildwood Paddle by Peter Puddicombe, park ranger at Cache Bay ranger station off Saganaga Lake, BWCA/Quetico)

The Double Helix, a 2- person kayak designed by Nick Schade (Guillemot Kayaks) and built for The Great Mississippi River Race for Rett Syndrome by Clark Eid.

Building a 20 ft. Micmac, David Hazen

Geodesic Canoes, Platt Monfort's - skin-on-frame

One Ocean Kayaks, Vaclav Stejskal - woodstrip kayak plans & information - "37MB of kayak building instructions, tips, material information and hundreds of photos"

Arctic Kayaks, arctic anthropologist David Zimmerly

Traditional Arctic Skinboats, Harvey Golden

Spiritline Kayaks, Corey Freedman

Baidarka Mailing List searchable archive

Native WaterCraft Society, Wolfgang Brinck (editor)

Dan's Canoe & Sea Kayak Site

The Boat Shop

Nathan's Boats
(Great website, nice boats, by my nephew).