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Squaw Creek Watershed mapping

UTM Coordinates recorded 1/13/02 near Brookside Park:
447061, 4654132     A creek enters from the east (north) bank. This is the creek that
    flows through the Pohl (Ames High) Prairie, and can be accessed from the
    High School bike path. (photo7) (photo8)
447445, 4653799     13th Street bridge
447438, 4653769     A 60" concrete pipe on the west bank just south of 13th Street.
    This is the outlet from the new Hawthorne Court complex (and should have been a
    constructed retention/wetland area). (photo6)
447726, 4653687     Eroding bank, west (south) side, ~ 12 ft high. Just upstream and
    near the bike path outlet to 13th Street is an eroding bank on the east (north) side.
447844, 4653677     A 36" concrete pipe on east bank (photo). This is just south of the
    new pedestrian bridge and near the sewer lift at Orchard Drive. (photo5)
447905, 4653500     A ~10" steel pipe on east bank below a ravine. (photo4)
447935, 4653459     Eroding hillside, east bank (photo3).
447931, 4653346     A ~12" steel pipe on east bank.
447942, 4653287     A ~36" concrete pipe on the east bank (photo1). Approximately 30     yards south is a large cement box (photo2).
447985, 4653040    Sixth Street Bridge - Approximately 75 yards north of the bridge is     a ~10" steel pipe, east bank.

UTM Coordinates recorded 2/13/02:
0447762 4652723     mouth of College Creek (another creek joins just above the
    mouth, this flows from the box culvert under 6th St just east of Elwood). (photo)
0447632 4652773     new bike path bridge over College Creek
0447786 4652519     Lincoln Way bridge, site of USGS Gauge Station. A 24" steel
    stormwater outlet enters just above bridge on the east bank.
    A low head dam is just downstream. (photo)

UTM Coordinates recorded 2/23/02:
0447741 4652353     deeply cut creek east of Hilton Colosium, west bank (photo).
    This is the outlet from a ~24" culvert (photo) near the bike path,
    apparently from the Iowa State Center parking lots.
0447759 4652120     second deeply cut creek/outlet, west bank.
   Photo from bike path bridge.
0447749 4652119     bike path bridge, Stuart Smith Park to South Riverside.
0447774 4651999     third cut, west bank (photo)
0447918 4651976     South 4th Street bridge
0447950 4651956     ~30" concrete stormwater outlet just below bridge, east bank
0448388 4651712     small grassy cut, river-left (photo). Followed cut to scour hole,
    ~18" steel outlet at 0448336 4651696 (photo)

The wooded area (Squaw Creek Park, behind the DOT) just upstream from this bike path was apparently a dump site at some time, and many excavation holes are visible from the path. Someone has been mining for antique glass, porclain, etc.

0448493 4651721     bike path bridge and mouth of Worle Creek

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